One Shots

One-shots are single session games meant to give the players a feel for a game or story they may not be familiar with

End of the World - Seeds of Destruction

"Welcome to the End of the World, A TTRPG developed by Jemarc Axinto based off of the meta narrative of the Tabletop For the End of the World podcast!"

Our Queen Crumbles

"Our Queen Crumbles is a collaborative storytelling game about revenge, inevitable death, and saying goodbye to those you love. It is also a game about a group of travelers searching a wild land for the Assassin who killed their Queen. You will take on the role of The Knight of Whispers, The Gravity Witch, The Hangman Golem, and The Bloody Historian, the four most loyal retainers of a once great Queen. Pursue the Queen’s killer to the Tree Under the Mountain and use what time you have left to say farewell.

This is a GM-less game for 2-4 players, and should take about 2-3 hours to play."