The nOne-shot w/ Mark J

Discussions on the intersection between culture, race, and the TTRPG space!

Episode 0: nOne-shot with Paul Marchant

The very first nOne-Shot recording with good friend and fellow @ApocUnlimited admin @PaulMarchant6. We sit down to discuss some of the problematic experiences in the LARP and TTRPG communities, especially while playing supernaturally themed games.

Episode 1: nOne-shot with Leona Neelam Maple

Mark J sits down with Leona Neelam Maple to discuss her experience as Southeast Asian gamer and DEI Coordinator in the TTRPG space. Good vibes in this one frfr.

Episode 2: nOne-shot with A Ghost of Eli

Mark J sits down with the phenomenal @aghostofeli to discuss their experience as Kanaka Maoli in the TTRPG space as well as their work as a game designer, creative, producer, performer on @MaydayRoleplay and so much more!