Celebrating Black History Month

On this Black History Month of 2024, Apochromatic Unlimited celebrates the occasion by recognizing the experience, achievements, and scholarship of Stefan X Huddleston. Mr. Huddleston is a lecturer of the histories of marginalized groups, Modern Sub-Saharan Africa, and pop culture, as well as a TTRPG historian. Mr. Huddleston’s academic authorship has explored and helped redefine TTRPG scholarship within a multimodal and intersectional framework that juxtaposes issues of culture, race, gender, and role-playing games in novel ways that sufficiently add to the dearth of extant literature. His work shines light on the oft problematic origins of TTRPGs, but also provides a framework for the cross-cultural discourse necessary for advancing roleplay gaming not only as a robust area of study, but also as a community experience.  

Beyond scholarship Mr. Huddleston has been an avid roleplay gamer for 30+ years, having first-hand experienced the breadth of TTRPG history, including unfortunate eras where discrimination was wholly normalized. Despite the less-than-ideal treatment, Mr. Huddleston has since become a contributor to multiple TTRPG publications, provides professional consultation to TTRPG projects, is an active actual play performer, is a panelist on numerous conversations on being BIPOC in the TTRPG space, and is a self-identified Blerd. Apochromatic Unlimited has utilized Mr. Huddleston’s insight for numerous projects and proudly recognizes him as a member of our community. We celebrate and recognize Stefan Huddleston not only for his past as a Black man in this space, but also for his present and future contributions.