The Mission

Achieving a vision of elevating POC Voices in the TTRPG space primarily through publication of a quarterly zine. Featuring original content by, interviews with, resources for, and promotion of POC creators. It is central to our mission that our creators receive equitable payment for their work and transparency surrounding rates. 

Our Pillars

Elevation of POC Voices 

We aim to put POC voices into the forefront of the TTRPG space

Publication Opportunities 

We provide a platform for the publication of POC voices in a quarterly zine

Spotlighting POC TTPRG Content

Highlight the already diverse and fantastic content created by POC in the TTRPG space

Combat White Supremacy in the TTRPG Space

POC creators and fans in the TTRPG space endure the implicit and explicit bias of its publications and systemic racism of its history.  We aim to find and address this for the TTRPG community at large.

Provide a Space for POC Without White Oversight

Establish a place for POC voices to create, explore, and express ideas. To find a home for their work without the white gaze ever watching over, scrutinizing, or sanitizing their work.