How it Started

We started out as just a team of hopeless romantics, all of us in love with the idea of seeing faces that look like ours highlighted in TTRPG space. Born out of this frustration over the lack of representation we came together and said, "Let's just do it ourselves." It was that simple.

We want this space to exist because we need it to exist. We need to elevate our voices and spotlight those who were cast aside over false assumptions of unprofitability and craven protection of white fragility.

How it's Going

We now aim to collect and document the stories, histories, and culture of POC creators all united under a TTRPG lens. We want these creators to be able to bring what makes them unique and to share their voices where they have not been heard before, all the while giving them a platform that can help them grow into something more. 

We want it to be known what it means to be a POC in the TTRPG space.

What's in Our Future

We have secured an initial grant to hire writers, artists, and editors for our first issue of the zine. With this publication we plan to establish a model for our growth and build the revenue stream to support the publication of future issues. 

Please look forward to the launch of our crowdfunding campaign and check out our Patreon. Both sources of income will help us not only create more issues of the zine but also find new and exciting ways to produce POC created content.